2007 Jubilee WorshipSt. Luke’s is a community church with a deep sense of commitment to the neighborhood in which we live. Active in mission projects that range from local to international we are blessed with a congregation that believes the footprint we are to leave behind is one that is to be crafted in Christ like love. Our joy is expressed in worship of the God who loves us and who blesses our relationships with one another.

Why We Exist
We are created and chosen by God, forgiven by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and blessed with the promise of a redeemed life. We are commissioned by the Holy Spirit and charged to minister to all people.

What We Want to Be
Our house shall be a refuge, our people a comfort, and our calling the offering of physical, emotional and spiritual sanctuary to our congregation and our world in need; we are a light reflecting grace back into the world.

What We Do
Motivated to build up God’s Kingdom on earth, we are committed: to worship, to participate in the sacraments, to teach and serve in ministry; all because we are bound together by Christ’s love.

Core Values Statement :

Refuge  (Connect with God & others)
•          Community in fellowship
•          Inclusivity for all people
•          Hospitality of compassion and caring

Renewal  (Grow toward spiritual maturity)
•          Word and Sacrament to experience God’s grace
•          Prayer to nurture our relationship with God
•          Scriptural insight to God’s promise for all people
•          Leadership committed to making disciples

Reach-Out  (Serve the world in Jesus name)
•          Advocate for universal rights to safety, health, education and work
•          Commit to serve people in our community and in the world
•          Act to share God’s message and resources in creative ways