A quiet place to reflect, pray and pay tribute. Located by our south entrance.

columbarium2St. Luke’s Lutheran Church Memorial Garden is an intentional ministry to connect the Word of hope spoken in Christian Baptism to the Word fulfilled in death.  God’s Word in Jesus Christ is suffcient for the entirety of life’s journey – from birth through baptism, education, confirmation, marriage to death.

St. Luke’s through a Memorial Garden ministry is blessed with the opportunity to provide a dedicated place within the precincts of the church in a columbarium for the inurnment of ashes within the purchased niches, in addition to the inscribing of names of those interned elsewhere.

The tradition of burial within the precincts of Christian churches is as old as the church itself.  It continues to be an important ministry of the church to care for the dying and to counsel the grieved.  Our hope is confidently found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As a function of that ministry Christian churches have regularly maintained a cemetary as part of its ministry of consolation and outreach.

columbarium3With the cost of land for cemeteries becoming a luxury and bodily internment becoming increasingly costly, many congregations are setting aside space for memorial gardens.  Typically, a memorial garden will include a columbarium – containing niches for the inurnment of cremated ashes – and a memorial wall for the inscription of names of those interned elsewhere.  Currently, in the State of Washington almost 60% of our population are choosing cremation over full body internment.  Such a ministry is a visible symbol of the enduring hope we have in the Savior Jesus Christ.  St. Luke’s Memorial Garden is a beautiful and contemplative site for the eternal care of loved ones.

More information is available by calling the church office at 425-822-7907 or e-mail our office at office@slukes.org