whyexistWhy We Exist

We are created and chosen by God, forgiven by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and blessed with the promise of a redeemed life. We are commissioned by the Holy Spirit and charged to minister to all people.

What We Want to Be
Our house shall be a refuge, our people a comfort, and our calling the offering of physical, emotional and spiritual sanctuary to our congregation and our world in need; we are a light reflecting grace back into the world.

What We Do
Motivated to build up God’s Kingdom on earth, we are committed: to worship, to participate in the sacraments, to teach and serve in ministry; all because we are bound together by Christ’s love.

Core Values Statement :

Refuge  (Connect with God & others)
•          Community in fellowship
•          Inclusivity for all people
•          Hospitality of compassion and caring

Renewal  (Grow toward spiritual maturity)
•          Word and Sacrament to experience God’s grace
•          Prayer to nurture our relationship with God
•          Scriptural insight to God’s promise for all people
•          Leadership committed to making disciples

Reach-Out  (Serve the world in Jesus name)
•          Advocate for universal rights to safety, health, education and work
•          Commit to serve people in our community and in the world
•          Act to share God’s message and resources in creative ways