whyexistThe story of the road to Emmaus is a story about coming home. It is a story of healing and renewal. It is a story of excitement for sharing good news. It is, in fact, our story at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church.

2004 Call to Worship CrossTwo parallel spirals, in the centerpiece of the cross and the corners of the altar, symbolically reflect the journey. Like the two disciples, anxious about the events of Easter, we are called on this journey into sanctuary and renewal. Then, as we break bread with our Lord we are sent out refreshed for the journey and to tell the story again and again. The bright red part of the spirals remind us of the words “did not our hearts burn within us” (Luke 24:32) as we are encouraged by the healing and blessing of Jesus. The triangles in the design are a reminder of the octagon shape of the new worship space, which is also the shape of renewal.