Would you like to help our youth? A tangible and powerful way you can help is simply to PRAY.

prayHere are a few things you can offer in prayer…

  • STILLNESS…Our days can be filled with distractions and full schedules, we sometimes need quiet to experience God.
  • PEACE…There are many ways that anxiety and chaos makes its way into the lives of families and children. We need God’s peace.
  • PROTECTION… There are also many relationship and situations to navigate as a young person. Another thing that comes to mind is learning to drive and getting a license!
  • OPENNESS…We have been given gifts that can be used to bring Jesus’ love to the world. And that call to serve and love often comes at a young age. Pray for an openness to who we are becoming in Christ and how that can be shared in our world.

If you are interested in volunteering your time or talents, we do have a process in place that aims to protect the children, youth, and the volunteers. If you are interested in being involved, please speak to a staff member that works with the Children, Youth and Families.

It is fair to say there is ALWAYS a need for scholarships for families and children to attend events or for emergency needs. If you are moved to give, we can guarantee that is will impact a life in a loving and powerful way. One simple way we already have in place is our Noisy Offering. We gather loose, noisy change (and quiet bills) during the months that have a 5th Sunday. This is done at each worship service on those days. If you would like to donate at a different time, you can designate it to our CYF Noisy Offering Fund.

To find out more about how you can help please contact our Associate in Ministry, Youth and Family Specialist: Janet Cederberg @ janet@slukes.org