This meeting will be to present the bid for remodeling plans for our building. At this meeting we will be voting on retaining a contractor to do this remodeling. These plans reflect the input from all of the ministry boards, and the congregation, as to the wants and needs for St. Luke’s as we look to the future and the ministries we provide.

The Board of Trustees, and the remodel work group, have been working with the project manager and the architects to prepare a presentation for us. As you know these conversations have been going on for at least two years. We have presented several drafts and gathered a lot of input and ideas. It is exciting to see final drafts coming together. We will have final budget numbers for the cost of remodeling at the meeting. We have worked very hard to be as efficient as possible and you will see the fruits of that labor as the costs are lower or in line with the projections you have heard all along.

As we gather to celebrate the day of Pentecost, to celebrate the Spirit moving in our midst, we also gather to celebrate the future for us at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church!