By volunteering your time on Sunday mornings, you can spend valuable and much-needed community service time…together! Every Sunday it takes over 26 volunteers to assist our pastor during the two services.

worshipTo find out more about how to volunteer for any of the worship duties please contact the front office at or call 425-822-7907.

Ushers play an essential part in making worshipers feel welcome in our church, and in making them comfortable in attending our services again.

Worship Assistants
Provide music and liturgical leadership during the worship service.

Communion Assistants
Assist the pastor in distribution of the bread and wine to each individual coming forward to commune. Three people are needed each worship service to assist with this ministry.

Responsible for being our “welcoming ministers” which include greeting visitors, responding to questions and making guests feel welcome when they join us for worship.

Altar Guild
We continue to need men and women who will serve on our Altar Guild. Please consider this vital ministry so important to our worship life.

Two lessons and sometimes a psalm are read at each worship service. One reader is needed for each worship service. The reader is asked to come forward and read the lessons from the altar area. The full text is provided to the reader a couple of days before the worship service. Lay volunteers should be comfortable reading before the congregation.

Audio/Visual Coordinators
Just like we need communion assistants, greeters and the other service positions, we now need an AV person every week to help out with the sound and projection systems. There will be training so if this interest you, let the church office know.

Eucharistic Ministers
Assist clergy with taking the Lord’s Supper to shut-ins.

Drama Opportunities
Periodic plays and chancel drama add variety and meaning to worship.

Training for service opportunities
We will provide training for you if you are interested in serving in any of these opportunities. We have written job descriptions available also. Please contact the church office if you are interested in participating.